Trade Fairs, County Fairs and Industrial Exhibitions

• Have you ever been to a trade show?
• Have you been to a computer games trade show?
• What’s the biggest trade show in Spain/USA/Saudi Arabia/etc?
• Are arms trade exhibitions immoral?
• Have you ever been to a ESL trade fair or exhibition?
• Did you get anything free from the ESL fair?
• Do you find trade fairs boring?
• Have you ever had to organize a trade fair or participate in one?
• What do you think would be an exciting trade fair?
• What do you think would be a boring trade fair?
• What are the most common trade fairs?
• What companies spend a lot of money on trade fairs?
• What sports could you describe as trade fairs? (F1 for example)
• What kinds of trade fairs would only be legal in some countries?
• What kind of trade fair would be legal in all countries?

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