The United States

• What have your general impressions of America been?
• How much of America have you seen?
• Which is your favorite region?
• City?
• Town?
• State?
• Park?
• What are three good things about America?
• What are three not so good things?
• Is America a melting pot or a salad bowl?
• How does your home city and your current American city compare in regard to diversity?
• Some researchers have pointed out that diversity in neighborhoods sometimes causes anxiety or distrust.
• Do you favor diversity or homogeneity?
• A current trend in American education is to help students become active learners in classrooms.
• Based on what you know, compare and contrast American education with your country’s education?
• What do you think of American visa and immigration policies?
• What do you think of the illegal immigration situation in America?
• Over 1% of Americans are incarcerated.
• Why do you think there are so many Americans in jail?
• Do you think there is too much poverty in America?
• If so, why does it exist? Compare it to your country?

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