• Are some parts of this city considered more dangerous than others? Which parts?
• Are there any places you are afraid to visit because of the high crime rate? If so, where?
• Are there problems with drugs where you live?
• Are you apprehensive about walking outside after dark?
• Do you always lock your house? How about your car?
• Do you believe that public executions would deter crime? If so, how?
• Do you drink and drive?
• Do you know anyone who has been mugged?
• Do you know someone who has been a victim of a violent crime?
• Do you think abortion is a crime?
• Do you think gun control is a good idea? Explain.
• Do you think people who use illegal drugs should be put in jail?
• Do you think police TV dramas are realistic?
• Do you think policeman should be allowed to carry guns?
• Do you think that capital punishment is a good idea? Why or why not?
• Do you think that punishment for violent crimes should be the same for juveniles and adults? Why/why not?
• Do you think that the death penalty would prevent crime in your country? Why or why not?
• Do you think that the legalization of narcotics would decrease the crime rate?
• Do you think there are any legal drugs that should be illegal?
• Do you think there is a link between drugs and crime?
• Do you think prostitution is a crime?
• Do you think there will be more or less crime in the future?
• Do you think your country is a safe place to live? Why or why not?
• Do you walk alone at night in your home city?
• Does prison help rehabilitate criminals? Should it?
• Have you ever been the victim of a crime? How about others in your family?
• Have you ever done anything illegal? If so, what did you do?
• Have you ever had anything stolen?
• Have you ever seen a crime?
• Have you ever witnessed a crime?
Have you ever stolen anything?
How can you prevent things from being stolen?
• How can you avoid having things stolen from you?
If a person steals a loaf of bread because he needs to feed his starving family, should he be punished?
Is child abuse a problem in your country?
Is drunk driving a crime where you live? If so, what is the punishment?
Is it ever O.K. to break the law? If so, when?
Is prison an effective punishment? Why or why not?
Is there a problem with organized crime and/or gangs where you live?
Is your hometown considered safe?
Under what situations would you think of committing a crime?
What are some things people can do to protect themselves from crime?
What are some things that are legal that you personally think should be illegal?
What crimes do you think will decrease in the future?
What crimes do you think will increase in the future?
What crimes have you heard about recently in the news?
What do you think is the worst crime a person could commit? Why?
What do you think of the death penalty?
What is a gang?
• What gangs exist in this country and in your home country?
• What are the characteristics of these gangs?
What is the punishment for murder in your country?
What is the punishment for stealing in your country?
What kinds of crime are most common in your country? What are the penalties for these crimes?
What kinds of crimes are increasing?
What kinds of crimes do you think can be prevented? How?
What makes some people become criminals? Is it poverty, upbringing, lack of education, unemployment or something else?
What weapons do police carry in this country? How about your home country?
What would you do if you heard a burglar in your house?
What’s your opinion about the death penalty?
Why do you think crime is more prevalent in some societies than in others?
• Why is there more crime in some countries?
Why do you think people steal things?
Do you think corporal punishment is necessary?
Who decides what is and isn’t a crime?
Do you think that “corporate criminals” are sufficiently punished for their crimes?
Do you think that police dramas can teach people how serious certain actions can be?
Is a person born as a blank page or does he have some things predetermined like vulnerability to crime?
Should adultery be considered a crime?
Why do people commit crimes?
What can be done about gun/knife violence?
Do you think your city is a dangerous place to live in?
• Do you see a lot of crime happening around you?
• What kind of crime is it? Shoplifting? pickpocketing? Etc?
Have you ever witnessed a crime? If “yes” tell us about it.
Have you ever witnessed acts of vandalism?
• What do you think is the main cause of vandalism?
• How can we fight vandalism
Do you think graffiti is vandalism or art?
Have you ever been robbed?
• How did it happen?
• Did you report to the police?
• Did they help you?
Do you agree that terrorism is the evil of the 21st century?
• What are the roots of terrorism?
• What act of terrorism terrifies you most of all?
Is bribery a crime?
• What spheres are corrupted most of all in your country? Police? Education? Medicine?
• What is the best way to fight corruption?
What is your attitude to the death penalty?
• Is there a death penalty in in your country?
• If you think it should exist, what kind of criminals should be sentenced to death?
Which punishment is more severe, the death penalty or life imprisonment?
What do you think is an adequate punishment for an adolescent who has committed a serious crime? Murder? Burglary? Car theft? Rape?
Is piracy a great problem in your country?
• Do you consider piracy to be a crime?
• Is it possible to get rid of piracy?
What is intellectual property?
• Can you think of some examples of stealing intellectual property.
• Do you think it is a serious crime?
What do you know about the mafia?
• How does the mafia affect your life?
• How does the mafia make money?
Have you ever noticed someone stealing in a store?
• What were your actions?
If your friend has committed a serious crime, how would you act?
• Would you report to the police or not?
Do you agree that everything that is not prohibited by law is allowed?
Is downloading music or videos a crime?
What’s the difference between copyright infringement and theft?
What is the difference between crime and sin?

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