Social Problems

• Are there food kitchens for the needy in your country?
• Are there homeless shelters in your country?
• Are there many homeless people where you live?
• Are there many suicides in your country?
• Are there nursing homes in your country?
• Do you agree that teachers should use corporal punishment as a means of discipline?
• Do you know anyone who is homeless?
• Do you think it’s acceptable for parents to use corporal punishment as a means of discipline? Why/why not?
• Do you think people should be allowed to smoke in public buildings?
• Do you think that minorities should be given job priority because of their race? Why/why not?
• Have you ever been a volunteer at a hospital?
• Have you ever experienced discrimination?
• Have you ever known someone with an addiction?
• In an overpopulated world, should people be free to have as many children as they want?
• Is there assistance available to people that are homeless?
• Is there public assistance in your country?
• What are some expectations parents have for their children?
• What are some reasons people use illegal drugs?
• What are some reasons that people become homeless?
• What are some things people can do to eliminate discrimination and prejudice?
• What are some ways we can help homeless people?
• What do you think is the most serious problem in the world?
• Why do you think so?
• What can we do as individuals to solve this problem?
• Do you think in vitro fertilization should be available to parents so they can choose the sex of their child?
• What do you think when you see a homeless person?
• What types of noise pollution do you hate the most?
• Who takes care of the elderly when they are no longer able to care for themselves?
• Have you ever experienced discrimination on a personal level?
• What is racism?
• What are some ways we can wear words and slogans? i.e. badges, clothes, hats etc.
• What should be done about football hooligans?
• Should drinking be allowed outdoors ( parks, squares, streets) as it is in Spain?s
• Is it morally right to spend a lot of money on pets, rather than helping people in need?
• Are you pro-life, or pro-choice? Why, and how do you see the opposing viewpoint?
• Do you believe in the individuals right to own firearms?
• How do feel about the right to carry firearms?
• Have you ever had to carry a firearm?
• How would you prevent someone from committing suicide?
• How would you describe “positive discrimination”?
• Which countries are poor?
• Why are some countries poor?
• How can the rich countries help the poor countries?
• What does G8 mean?
• Where will the G8 summit be held?
• Who will attend the G8 summit?
• What kind of people are members of the G8?
• Why do some people think graffiti is a problem for society?
• What is graffiti? Where do you see it? i.e. walls, trains
• What messages do you see? i.e. political, love messages, funny, personal, poetic?
• Should the government punish those who write graffiti?
• Should the government reserve places for those who want to write graffiti?
• Is graffiti a type of “art”?
• If you were allowed to write something, what would you say?
• What can we do about graffiti writers?

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Are you good at

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Have you ever

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?...How do you

?…How do you

How long

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