Service Industry

• Do you or anyone you know use a landscaping service?
• Is it common in your country?
• If you had to send a package overseas right away, which service would you use? Why?
• How often do you use a dry cleaning service?
• Do you ever decide not to buy an item of clothing because it requires dry cleaning?
• Have you ever had someone design a webpage for you?
• If so, tell us about it.
• If not, would you ever?
• For what purpose?
• Do you ever use a gift wrapping service when you buy a gift from a store?
• When might you choose to use it?
• Have you ever planned a special event? A party? An Anniversary? A wedding?
• Is it common to use a house cleaning service in your country?
• Does someone clean your house for you?
• Do you know many people who use a house cleaning service?
• How often do you use copying and printing services? What do you use them for?
• Do you feel you get more things done when you have a full schedule, or an almost empty schedule? Why?
• Would you hire someone to plan your wedding, or would you, your friends or family do the planning?
• Do you or your family ever hire someone to install home appliances, or do you prefer to do it yourself?
• If you were building an addition onto your home, how would you go about doing it?
• What would you do yourself, and what would you hire someone to do?
• Have you ever used a translation service?
• If so, for what purpose?
• If not, would you ever?
• If your friend’s car broke down in your hometown, where would you recommend they get it repaired?
• If you had all the money you needed, what three services would you hire to make life easier?
• If I wanted to open a new restaurant in your hometown, what advice would you give me?
• What advice would you give a small business who is creating a website? What kind of information is most important to display?

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