Safety Inside and Outside Of Your Home

• Do you wear seat belts?
• Do you put your child in a car seat?
• Do you lock the doors when you get inside your car?
• Do you check the backseat before getting into the car?
• Do you park near a lighted area at night?
• What do you do if someone grabs your purse or backpack?
• What do you do if someone asks you for money?
• How will you get out of your house if it starts to burn?
• What measures do you take when you walk at night?
• What do you think about keeping a gun in the house?
• How can you make a house safe for children to live in?
• What are some safety concerns in the winter when you drive your car?
• How can you make the outside area around your house safer after it snows?
• What kind of safety helmets do you use in your life?
• What are some poisons around the house and how do you store them safely?
• Do you know the local phone number for Poison Control?
• Where could you write the Poison Control number so it is in plain view during a case of an emergency?
• How many emergency numbers do you know for the area you live in?
• How many emergency numbers do you know for your home country?
• What is the telephone number for the police in your country?

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