Russia and The World

• What is the position of Russia in the modern world? What role does Russia play in world economy and policy?
• Is it important for Russia to be on good terms with the rest of the world? Or do you think Russia can manage without any support of other countries?
• Is it possible that Russia will become a superpower again? Under what conditions do you think this can happen?
• What states of the world are the closest friends of Russia today? Who are the enemies?
• Try to describe the relationship of Russia with former republics of the Soviet Union. What countries are (are not) our friends now?
• Do Russians like living in the Russian Federation more than in the Soviet Union?
• Are they more happy about their lives now than they used to be?
• Are there many Russians living in the former republic of the Soviet Union?
• What is their position in the society in such countries as Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Ukraine?
• What problems do these people face?
• Can you describe the gas conflict with Ukraine?
• What was the problem?
• What was the position of Europe?
• What is the relationship beetween Russia and the USA?
• Is it easy for Russians to get a visa to European countries and the USA?
• What should you do in order to obtain the visa?
• Do you believe that the visa situation will ever change?
• How are Russians treated abroad? Give examples of different attitudes in different countries.
• Have you ever been treated badly or in a particularly good way by someone who learned that you were Russian?
• What is the attitude of Russians to immigrants?
• From which countries do the immigrants come to Russia? What do they do here?
• Do you think we need immigrants or do you think that the government should introduce more strict immigration laws?
• What do you know about Russian immigrants to the west?
• Has their life become better?
• Which places of the world are especially popular with Russian immigrants?
• Would you like to spend the rest of your life in Russia?
• If not, what country would you like to live in?
• Do you agree that Russia has integrated into European society or do you think that Russia is still living it’s own way?
• What do they mean when they speak about intervention of western mass culture to Russia?
• What do you think about it?
• Do you like it or not?

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