• Why do people procrastinate?
• Who do you know that always procrastinates?
• When is it good to procrastinate?
• When is it really bad to procrastinate?
• What kinds of things do you put off doing?
• How do you feel when other people put off something you want done soon?
• Who is the most patient person you know?
• What’s the difference between patience and procrastination?
• Do you usually procrastinate when you have homework?
• What can procrastinators do to change their lives?
• What kinds of things do people often forget?
• Have you ever run out of gas?
• Do you ever forget to pay your bills on time?
• How do you fee about the late charges on most bills?
• What can someone do to have late charges forgiven?
• What do people often forget to do on time?
• Have you ever forgotten an important date or event?
• Do you become impatient when you have to wait in a long line?
• Have you ever yelled at someone or been really angry because they didn’t do something?
• Are you always on time to class, late, or early?
• Have you ever known someone who was always early to important things?
• Do you know someone who is always busy?
• Do you think people in some cultures are in too much of a rush?
• Do you think people in other cultures are too relaxed?
• Do you want to accomplish many things in your life or do you want to take it easy?

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