• What is poverty?
• What kind of problems do poor people have?
• Why are people hungry?
• Do you feel sorry for people who live on the street?
• Are people who live on the street necessarily lazy?
• Do you believe that the rich are growing richer, and the poor are growing poorer?
• Shouldn’t all people work for a living?
• Would you pay more taxes, if this would eliminate poverty by creating jobs for everyone?
• Will there always be poverty in the world?
• Should countries send troops to foreign countries to fight terrorism, or should governments fight poverty around the world instead?
• Are there more important issues than poverty? If so, name them in order of importance.
• Why does every country in the world have poor people?
• Do you consider yourself to be poor, middle-class, or rich?
• What country do you think has the best record for helping its poor?
• What country do you think has the worst record for helping its poor?
• Does poverty cause crime?
Food Programs
• Have you ever donated to the food bank?
• Have you ever thought about going to the food bank?
• Do you know anyone who has gone to church for food?
• What programs does your city have for feeding the needy?
• What food programs does your country have?
• Have you ever used a food program after a natural disaster?
• What do you think about people receiving welfare?
• Should the government fund the welfare system?
• What do you think of countries that do not have a welfare system?
• What do you think about people who work for cash and receive welfare as well?
• Should governments invest money in space missions or welfare?
• Would you eliminate the welfare system?
• Do you think it’s okay for the government to keep decreasing the welfare amount?
• How long should someone receive welfare? Forever?
• What is a good reason for someone to receive welfare?
• What punishment would you give someone who is on welfare illegally, but has lots of money?
• Would you report welfare fraud to the police, even if it were a close friend?
• Should welfare recipients receive free housing?
• Have you ever talked to a homeless person?
• Are there homeless people in your country?
• Have you ever helped a homeless person? How?
• How does the government in your country support the homeless?
• What do you think of governments who put the homeless in jails or even torture or kill them?
• Do you think the government should create jobs for the homeless, instead of just giving them money?
• Why do people end up being homeless?
• Have you ever visited a homeless shelter?

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