• What’s your most valued possession?
• Can you remember the last gift you were given? Did you like it?
• Do you ever buy ‘gifts’ for yourself?
• What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought?
• What do you think of this saying, “Possessions rot, rust, and decay but compassion lasts forever”?
• Have you ever given away something by accident? What was it? How did you give it away by accident?
• Have you ever met an ‘indian giver’ (someone who gives something to another person, but later demands it back)?
• What is the meaning of “give and take”? What does this mean to you?
• Do you spend more money on temporary things (services/food/drink/a good night out) or on physical objects (a car, a cellphone, some good books)?
• Can you take something out of your pocket, bag, or wallet?
• What is it?
• Where did you get it?
• Why did you get it?
• Do you still find it useful, interesting or entertaining?

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