• What is plagiarism?
• Why do you think people plagiarize?
• Homework?
• Articles?
• Books?
• Have you ever broken
Copyright rules?
• Why did you do this, if you did?
• If you’re against CD burning, massive photocopying and pirate copies, what are your reasons for this? Have you ever had material on your webpage plagiarized?
• What did you do about it?
• Were you action successful?
• What do you think of the growing trend in downloading ready-made essays etc from the Internet?
• What do you think of the growing trend in downloading music etc from the Internet?
• How can countries prevent plagiarism?
• Which countries are know for plagiarism?
• What is piracy?
• What kind of things can be pirated?
• Have you ever seen pirated goods for sale?
• Why are pirated products cheaper?
• Do you think that pirated products are just as good?
• Where can you buy pirated products in your country?
• When you buy things online, are you worried they might be pirated?

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Are you good at

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Have you ever

?…Have you ever

?...How do you

?…How do you

How long

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