• Do you like to take pictures?
• What kind of photos do you enjoy looking at?
• What type of pictures do you keep in your family’s photo albums?
• Why do people take photos?
• What kind of camera do you have?
• Should pictures be posted on the internet without permission?
• Have you ever wished you had not been in a particular picture?
• When can taking pictures be an invasion of your privacy?
• How do you like to look at photos?
• What do you do if your friend sends the guy you like bad pictures of you without her asking permission first?
• Do you have a camera?
• Do you always bring a camera wherever you go for vacation?
• Are you a camera-shy?
• Or you like taking photos of yourself?
• Do you like taking pictures?
• Is it really important to have pictures?
• What places have you taken for a picture?
• Are pictures important for you?
• Do you have lots of pictures at your home?
• Do you keep them as memories?
• Are you photogenic? Or only attractive in person?
• Do you have pictures in which you are not appealing?
• When and where it was taken?
• Do you have pictures which you are attractive?
• When and where it was taken?
• Do you have pictures of other people that you keep?
• Do you have a favorite photo of you?
• Do you have many pictures in here in this place?
• What place do you want to go to take a picture of yourself before you go will go back to Korea?
• Where did you get your passport photos taken?
• Was the service good?

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