• Do you like paintings?
• What are some famous paintings that you like? You don’t like?
• Can you paint?
• What type of painting do you do?
• Have you ever sold one of your paintings
Are you impressed with people who know how to paint?
Do you have a painting of yourself?
• Would you like to pose for a painting of yourself?
• Do you know anyone who had been paid to pose for a nude painting?
Do you like to watch a person painting?
What’s the most expensive and most beautiful painting you have ever seen?
How much are you willing to pay for a beautiful painting?
Do you know Leonardo da Vinci and his paintings?
• Can you name some of his paintings?
Do have paintings at home for decoration?
If you could be given the talent to paint, what would you paint?
• Would you sell your paintings?
Can You Say a Few Things About this Painting?
(Bring some pictures to class and ask these questions.)
• How do the colors make you feel?
• How is the perspective of the painting?
• Does the painting make you feel happy or sad?
• Is it a somber or a energetic painting?
• How about the color sequence? Is it cool or warm?
• Do you like the touch of the painting?
• Can you paint like this?
• How do you get those colors?
• How does an artist get this color?
• Do you like the brush strokes?
• Isn`t this a dynamic painting?
• Isn`t this a somber painting?
• How does one draw like this?
• Does this painting look three dimensional to you? Why?
• What time of day is this painting?
• I wonder what the artist wanted to say?
• What does the artist want to say?

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Are you good at

?…Are you good at

Have you ever

?…Have you ever

?...How do you

?…How do you

How long

?…How long

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