• When were the first Olympic games?
• Why did they take place?
• When are the first Olympic games you remember?
• When and where were they?
• Did your country win any medals?
When and where were the best games?
How many Olympic sports can you name?
Which sports are your favorite?
How many medals did your country win in the last Olympics?
Which sport is your country good at?
Where are the next games?
How is a country chosen to hold the games?
Is holding the games a financial incentive?
• Is it good for the country that holds the events?
Which Olympic sports do you like to watch on TV?
Does your country do better at the summer or the winter Olympics?
Do you think that the Olympics are important, or have there been too many negative things (use of performance-enhancing drugs, corrupt judges) in recent history?
Should professional athletes be allowed in the Olympics?
Do you think it’s fair that an athlete who lives in one country and competes in another country can come back to his/her home country to be part of the Olympic team?
Do countries spend too much time on the Olympics?
If we held the Olympics tomorrow in this class, in which sport would you win the gold?
If you had to change one Olympic sport, which sport would you take away and which sport would you add?
What is the most difficult Olympic sport?
Should all sports be included? For example, the horse riding event which means transporting the horses all over the world?

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