• What is the role of newspapers in society?
• What sells newspaper?
• Why do we buy newspapers?
• Do you think that news is censored in some countries?
• Is the news censored in your country?
• Will newspapers disappear in the future?
• How does American news differ from your country’s news?
• What is your favorite section of the newspaper to read?
• How often do you watch the news?
• Do you make a point of watching the news?
• Do you feel bad if you miss the news?
Which kind of news is the best for you? Why?
• Newspaper?
• Radio?
• Televison?
• Internet?
Do you think that the news is necessary? Why or why not?
What would the world be like without news?
Do you think the news tells us just information without giving its opinion?
Should the news give an opinion?
Do you think the news influences people too much?
Do you think the news is shocking now?
How has it changed over the years?
Do you think people need to know all of the news?
What do people not need to know?
What do you think is the most important thing the news should report?
What was the most memorable news you ever watched?
If the news reported your week, what would be the headline?
Think of a news headline for the following countries: America, Britain, France, China, Australia, Indonesia, Russia, Germany.
Do you read the newspaper everyday?
How often do you read the newspaper?
What newspaper do you read?
How much does the newspaper cost?
What kind of magazines do you like to read?
What is your favorite newspaper?
What is your favorite magazine?
Are magazines expensive in your country?
Do you enjoy reading a newspaper?
What sections of a newspaper do you like to read?
What are the different sections in a newspaper?
Do you think that reading a newspaper is a good way to improve your English?
What kinds of information can you get from the newspaper?
Where do you get most of your news?
Do you like to keep up with current events?
If you are someone who usually follows the news, has there been a time when you decided to stop? Why and for how long?
Do you think it’s important to read the newspaper and know what is going on in the world? Why or why not?
Do you trust the information you get from the news?
you are someone who usually follows the news, has there been a time when you decided to stop? Why and for how long?
What different types of newspapers do you read?
Do you read newspapers in other languages?
Is your hometown newspaper on the internet?

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