My Life So Far

• Where were you born?
• How did you get your name?
• What is your first memory?
• What can you remember about elementary school?
• What was your neighborhood like when you were growing up?
• Was junior high school a happy time for you?
• What sports did you do?
• Did you study hard at high school?
• Do you still have friends from your school days?
• Did you study again after you left high school?
• Do you remember your first boyfriend or girlfriend?
• What is your best memory of childhood?
• What was your first job?
• How did you meet your husband or wife?
• Did you enjoy your wedding day?
• Have you lived in many different places?
• How would you describe your experience of having children?
• What advice would you give to new parents these days?
• What was a good decision you made?
• What would you change about your life if you could?
• What’s the best thing that happened to you recently?
• What is the motto of your life?

مطالب مرتبط
Are you good at

?…Are you good at

Have you ever

?…Have you ever

?...How do you

?…How do you

How long

?…How long

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