Moving To The United States

• What are some expectations you have about living in the US?
• What is your worst fear about moving to the US.
• What are some expectations you have for your children moving to the US?
• What do you think is the most serious problem for you in your move to the US?
• What are some things you can do to make your move easier?
• Do you think it would be easier if you were moving there permanently?
• What states have you visited?
• Which state did you like the best? Why?
• Which state do you want to visit next? Why?
• Where in the United States would you like to live? Why?
• Why are you considering to live in the United States?
• Apart from family and friends, what would you most miss from your country?
• What would be your family’s reaction to this?
• Would they support your decision?
• Are you concerned that you might be discriminated against?
• Why do you think discrimination exists?
• Have you ever experienced discrimination on a personal level?
• What traditional thing or object would you take from your country or city?
• Was it hard to leave you homeland?
• Will you ever consider moving to the US if your future husband lives there? Why? Why not?
• What is the reason you moved out of your country to move here?
• Is there a possibility for you to marry an American?
• What is the capital of the United States?
• What is the coldest state?
• What is the warmest state?
• Can you name three states that touch Canada?
• Can you name three states that touch Mexico?
• Can you name states that on the Atlantic Coast?
• Can you name states on the Pacific Coast?
• Can you nameone state that has hurricanes?
• Can you name three states where it snows?
• Can you name two states that have the Rocky Mountains?
• Can you name two states that have the Appalachian Mountains?
• Can you name that has the Cascade Mountains?
• Can you a state on the Gulf of Mexico?
• Can you name the mountain range in California?
• Can you states that touch the Great Lakes?
• What is the highest mountain range in the United States?

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