Moving To Another Country

• (Insert country name where it says xx)
• What are some expectations you have about living in xx?
• What is your worst fear about moving to xx?
• Are you concerned that you might be discriminated against?
• Why do you think discrimination exists?
• Have you ever experienced discrimination on a personal level?
• What are some expectations you have for your children moving to xx?
• What do you think is the most serious problem for you in your move to xx?
• What are some things you can do to make your move easier?
• Do you think it would be easier if you were moving there permanently?
• What parts of ‘xx’ have you visited?
• Which part did you like the best and why?
• Which part do you want to visit next and why?
• What is the capital of xx?
• What is the coldest county/state/province?
• What is the warmest county/state/province?
• Name three counties/states/provinces that touch the sea, and name the sea.
• Name three counties/states/provinces that touch another country, and name the country or countries.
• What is the biggest county/state/province of xx?
• What is the smallest county/state/province of xx?
• Who is the president/prime minister/king/ruler of xx?
• What type of government does ‘xx’ have?
• What is the climate of xx?
• What is the currency, and the exchange rate to your currency, of xx?
• How can you travel to xx?
• Can you name the highest mountain in xx?
• Can you name the longest river in xx?
• Can you name the largest lake in xx?
• Can you name any holiday resorts in xx?
• What language do they speak in xx?
• Would you learn the language(s) of xx?
• How long do you think it would take you to learn the language of xx?
• Do you know anyone from xx?
• Do you know anyone married to someone from xx?
• Would you consider marrying someone from xx?
• If you had children with someone from ‘xx’ what language would you teach them? (Note: Nobody teaches babies to speak, they learn naturally!)
• If you did have children, where would you educate them, in ‘xx’ or your home country?
• If you decided to educate them in your home country, at what age would you do that?
• Have you got a job to go to in xx?
• How easy will it be to get a job in xx?
• How will you live if you can’t find work in xx?
• Do you know the visa rules of xx?
• Can you become a ‘citizen, of ‘xx’, and if so, would you want to?
• Would you like your children to take the citizenship of ‘xx’, or would you ensure that they were born in your home country thus taking on your nationality?
• Would you miss your family very much?
• Would you consider trying to take your family to xx?

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Are you good at

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Have you ever

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?...How do you

?…How do you

How long

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