Movie Industry

• Why do you think the center of the movie industry in the United States began in Hollywood, southern California, next to Los Angeles?
• Have you seen many Hollywood movies?
• Give some examples of Hollywood movies you have seen and your opinion of them.
Do you like Hollywood movies? Why or why not?
What kind of information about the United States have you learned by watching Hollywood movies?
Do you think that movies from different countries can teach us about other cultures?
• Give some examples to support your answer.
What kinds of movies are popular in your country?
What do the popular movies in your country show about your culture?
Do you think it is right for Hollywood movies to be the movies that are seen most around the world?
• What change would you like to see, if any?
Did you see “Harry Potter”?
• How many Harry Potter sequels did you see?
Why do you think that Harry Potter books and movies have been so popular all around the world?
Some Christian groups think that Harry Potter movies can be harmful to children because they show witches and wizards in a positive light.
• Do you agree that Harry Potter films can distort children’s minds? Why or why not?
Sometimes film studios in Hollywood complain that their movies are being illegally copied and sold for lower prices in different parts of the world.
• Do you agree with them that this is a bad thing?
• Do you think it could be a good thing? Support your opinion.
Is the movie industry in your country strong? Why or why not?
Does the film industry in your country make good movies? Give some examples.
Do you think that the movies from your country can be popular in other parts of the world if they have subtitles or are dubbed in different languages? Why or why not?
What improvements in special effects have you noticed since you began watching movies?
How do you think that movies will change in the future?
Do you think that there are any topics that there should be more movies about?
If you could take part in a movie project, what role would you like to play?
• Would you like to be an actor, the director, the producer, the camera operator, make-up person, musician, film editor, support crew?
If you were a film director, what kind of movie would you like to make?
How would your movie be different than others?

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