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Gay Community

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• What’s the meaning of “homosexual”? And “heterosexual”?
• Are there many words in your language to refer to homosexuals?
• About how many of them would you say are not offensive?
How is it being gay in your country?
Do you know anyone who is gay?
• How about any celebrities?
• Or any historical figure?
• Are there any gay characters on a current TV series?
• Could you tell us about them?
Do you think gay people have enough role models in our society to identify themselves with?
Do you think those references portrait a positive image of the gays?
• Do they help the gay community to enhance their self-esteem?
What’s the meaning of “homophobia”?
• In your view, is there homophobia in our society? If not, why?
Do you believe that the gay community is being discriminated against in any way?
• If so, why do you think there is such discrimination?
What problems do you think someone goes through when they find out they are gay?
Do you think they should try to change?
In your opinion, should they say they are gay?
What do you think your parents’ reaction would be if you told them you are gay?
• Do you think one of them would take it better / worse?
• Do you think their first reaction would persist or would it change?
How about your best friend’s reaction?
How would you react if one of your children told you they’re gay?
What are the main problems gays have to face at college?
Is it easier for a gay to live in a village or in a city?
Is being gay more difficult in some countries than others?
In your opinion, can a gay be a religious person?
What main problems do gays have in the military?
In what ways does the gay community try to tackle homophobia? Are they being successful?
What main achievements have they had in the last 25 years?
How important are gay associations or organizations?
Do you think being lesbian is viewed as being worse, the same or better than being gay in our society?
• Are they simply ignored?
• Could you name any famous lesbian through history?
Do you believe gays and heterosexuals have the same rights? Do they have equal duties?
What’s your opinion on gay marriage?
What do you think of adoption by gay couples?
• Do you think homosexual families can bring up children as well as straight families? If not, why?
Is AIDS a major problem for the homosexuals only?
• What do you know about this disease?
• How do you think it is transmitted?
Could you define the word “stereotype”?
• What stereotypes do you know about gays?

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