Family and Alternative Life Styles

• Can you describe a typical family in your country?
• Who is the head of the household in a typical family in your country?
• Do many wives work in your country?
• What kinds of jobs do they have?
If parents are both working, does this cause more or less stress in a family?
If a wife works outside the home, should the husband help with the housework inside the home? Why or why not?
Are there many divorces in your country?
What impact does divorce have on a family in your country?
• What happens to the divorced people?
• What happens to their children?
Are there many single-parent families in your country?
• Are they usually headed by men or women?
What do you think of married couples who decide not to have any children?
Do single women in your country ever decide to have a baby and raise the child by themselves? What do you think about this kind of decision?
Where do grandparents live in your country?
Do grandparents help to look after their grandchildren?
Who should take care of old people?
Do unmarried couples live together in your country these days?
• What do people in your society think about this kind of arrangement?
Do people in your country ever decide to remain single and not create a family?
• If so, what does the rest of your society think?
Is it necessary to get married to have a good life?
Do people who are not related by blood ever live communally in your country?
Is polygamy allowed in your culture?
• Is it OK to have more than one spouse?
• Would you like this life style?
• What countries allow this?
• What religions allow it?
What do you think of people who get married many times?
Do children in your country ask for their parents’ approval before they get married? Why or why not?
Does the whole family discuss important decisions?
When do children leave their parents’ home in your country?
When do parents’ stop giving financial support to their children?
Who in your family would you turn to if you had an emotional problem? Why?
If you had a financial problem, would you expect your family to help?
What is a perfect family or alternative lifestyle for you?

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