• Do you think alcohol is a drug?
• What is alcoholism?
• Do you know of any alcoholics?
• How do you stop being an alcoholic?
• Do you know how much alcohol is in beer?
• Do you know how much alcohol is in whiskey?
• What are some of the characteristics of drunk people?
• Is alcohol addictive? What about tea, coffee, and chocolate?
• Should marijuana be illegal?
• Do you think marijuana should be legal or illegal? Support your opinion with facts.
• Why do you think marijuana is illegal?
• Is marijuana grown in your country?
• What are some ways drug users use marijuana?
• Do you think tobacco companies would like to sell marijuana?
• Why do you think that tobacco is a legal drug?
• Are any of your friends addicted to tobacco?
• What are the different ways to use tobacco?
• Do you know anyone who smokes a pipe?
• What is the difference between pipe tobacco and cigarette tobacco?
• What do you think about chewing tobacco?
• Is there any difference between “soft” drugs such as marijuana and “hard” drugs like crack, heroin, cocaine etc?
• Is ecstasy a soft or a hard drug?
• Should there be punishments for dealing drugs?
• Should there be punishments for using drugs?
• Should drug dealers get the death penalty?
• If heroin were legal, would there be less crime? For example, burglary and robbery.
• Are some people more easily addicted to drugs than others?
• Do some people have addictive personalities?
• If you are addicted to drugs, what should you do?
• What else can people become addicted to?
• Why are some drugs more addicting than others?
• Why do some people get addicted when others do not?
• What happens in the brain of a person that causes addiction?
• Do you know how much illegal drugs cost?
• Do you think it is easy to buy illegal drugs where you live?
• Which is worse, a peaceful drug addict or a violent non-addict?
• Should pregnant women be arrested for child abuse if they use drugs when they are pregnant which may affect the baby?
• Should women be prevented legally from drinking any alcohol or smoking when pregnant?
• Do you think it is a good idea to have safe, legal injecting rooms for intravenous drug users, where they can use clean equipment and sterile water?
• Cancer patients find that marijuana stops their pain. Should it be legal for them?
• Do you think experimenting with alcohol and cigarettes leads to experimenting with harder drugs?
• Do you think ecstasy is dangerous?
• At what age should it be legal to drink and smoke?
• Do we use too many prescription drugs?
• What are natural remedies?
• Are natural remedies like homeopathy and herbal medicine drugs too?
• Do we give too many prescribed drugs to children?
• Why is the cost of prescription drugs so high?
• Have you ever used a prescription drug without a prescription?
• What do you think society ought to do about people who spend most of their time and money getting high on illegal drugs? Why?
• Should employers be allowed to “drug test” their employees?
• Why do you think people start using drugs?
• What should happen to babies who are born addicted to drugs?
• What would you do if someone in your family were addicted to drugs?
• What do you know about drugs?
• What are some dangerous drugs?
• What drugs do you think are useful?
• What drugs are addicting?
Do you think that marijuana should be legal for medical uses with a prescription from a doctor?
What does crack cocaine do to your body?
• What does it do to your mind?
• What will happen if you keep on using?
• How do you stop yourself from using it? / How does an addict quit using it?
What kind of drugs are the most popular in your country?
• What kind of “legal” drugs are the most popular?
Are we as a society addicted to legal drugs?

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