• What is conflict?
• When you see the word “conflict”, what do you think of?
• What causes conflict?
• Is conflict inevitable?
• Is conflict always negative?
• How can conflicts be resolved?
• What would you consider to be a constructive approach to conflict?
• What would you consider to be a destructive approach to conflict?
• Does there have to be a winner and a loser of a conflict?
• What happens to people who are involved in conflicts?
• What conflicts are going on around the world?
• What conflicts exist in your life?
• How do you deal with conflicts?
• Can violent conflicts be solved with violence?
• How can the world be peaceful when other countries are not trying to bring peace?
• Can conflicts at work place affect the efficiency of one’s work?
• Is it possible to avoid conflicts?
• Does it solve anything?
• Have you ever used third-party mediation?
• If so, did you use a professional, or a friend?
What was the experience like?
Did it help resolve the conflict?
Would you recommend this approach to others?
Are there any kind of conflicts in the family?
What kind of conflicts occur in a family?
Is there any conflict in your family?
Did you experience any kind of conflict in your family?
How can conflicts in the family be solved?
What strategies do you know to solve conflicts in the family?
What kind of conflicts appear at school?
• Why are there conflicts at school?
What should teachers, parents and pupils do to avoid and solve such conflicts?
What conflicts could happen in a neighborhood?
Why are there conflicts among neighbors?
What should neighbors do to avoid and solve conflicts?
Should a conflict be solved straightaway or when we calm down?

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