• What do you like about your community?
• How did you decide on your community?
• What do you think should be changed in your community?
• How can you help your community?
• How many of your neighbors do you know?
• Are there old people living in your community? Tell me about them.
• Are there little children in your community? Tell me about them.
• What do the people in your community do for recreation?
• What do you think is the most important thing about community?
• Does your community have special days to get together?
• Does your community have meetings?
• Is there a neighborhood watch program in your community?
• Would you like to raise your children in a community like yours? If yes, tell me why. If no, tell me why?
• Is your community afraid of strangers?
• How can you live in a community and maintain your privacy?
• Does your community welcome strangers?
• Have you ever helped a neighbor?

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Are you good at

?…Are you good at

Have you ever

?…Have you ever

?...How do you

?…How do you

How long

?…How long

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