• Do you like comics?
• Do you like American comic books?
• Do you like comics from other countries?
• Do you like fantasy comics?
• Do you like funny comics?
• Do you like realistic comics?
• What do you like about comics?
• What comics do you like?
• What comics do you love?
• What comics do you hate?
Do you play any video games based on comic books?
Have you watched any anime?
• Have you read any Japanese manga?
Have you read any comics in English?
How are comics different from one country to another?
• How are comic books different in this country from those in your country?
How have comics changed over time?
How many comics do you read a week?
• How much time do you spend reading comics?
How often do you read comics?
• How often do you read comics in English?
Should comics have a rating system like the movies (G, PG, R)?
What comics have you read in English?
What can you learn from comics?
What is more important to you, the story or the pictures?
What is the best comic book you’ve ever read?
What type of comic appeals to girls?
• What types appeal to boys?
• What types appeal to adults?
What was the last comic book you read?
Can you remember the first comic book you read?
Where do you usually read comic books?
Who do you think reads comic books?
Do you think boys read more comic books than girls?
• Why do you think more ___ (boys) read comics than ___ (girls)?
Do you think people in this country read more comic books than in your country?
Who has better comics DC or Marvel? (Or ask about two other comic book publishers.)
Why are comics so popular?
Why do people like to read comics?
Why do you think Hollywood makes so many movies from comic books?
Why don’t more people read comic books?
Are comic books better than (regular) books?
At what age is a person too old to read comics?
Do violent comics make people think more about violence?
• About how much do you spend on comics in a month?
• How much do you spend on comic books?
• How much should a comic book cost?
• Is collecting comics a good investment?
Who is the worst comic book character?
When you read comics, who is more interesting the hero or the villain?
Who is your favorite villain?
Who would your arch enemy be?
Super heroes
• Who would win a fight between Batman or Superman?
• Which super hero is most like you?
• What qualities do you need to be a super hero?
• Who is the most popular super hero in your country?
• What super hero should have a movie made about him/her?
• Who is the most popular comic book hero in your country?
• What real life person could be a super hero?
• If you could make your own super hero what would his or her name be?
• What would his superpower be?
• Do we need more super heroes?
If you could have one superpower what would it be?
What is the best superpower to have?
What are some complaints that some parents have about comic books?
Why do people like to read comic books?

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