• How does your family decide who does various chores around the house?
• Can you name some chores that need to be done every day?
• What chores are your responsibility?
• Which chores do you not like to do.
• How do you decide on your children’s chores?
• Do you get paid for doing chores?
• What is something you hate doing when you get home?
• Do you like to clean up your room?
• Do you wash the dishes in your house?
• Do you wash clothes for your family?
• Do you do the ironing the clothes?
• What are some chores you do outside your house?
• Can you think of some dangerous chores that you can’t do?
• If you could buy only one of this two things, would you choose a dishwasher or a washing machine?
• How long do you think you could live without a maid or someone to help you in the house?
• Do you like to go to the supermarket?
• Have you ever had an empty fridge for a long time only because you were too lazy to go grocery shopping?
• What kind of products does your family buy on the Internet?
• If you could have a robot to do all your chores, what would you choose for it to do?
• What chores do you do that your parents didn’t have to do when they were growing up?
• What are some chores that your parents have to do around the house?
• Do your grandparents help with chores?

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