Cars and Driving

• How old were you when you first learned to drive?
• Was there anything difficult about learning to drive?
Can you drive a car?
Can you drive a manual shift car?
Do you have a car?
If so, what kind of car do you have?
• Is it a standard (manual shift) or automatic shift?
• Which do you like best, a standard or automatic shift car?
What are the advantages of owning a car?
What are the disadvantages of owning a car?
Are you a good driver?
Have you ever been in a car accident?
Have you ever been pulled over by the police?
• What happened?
Have you ever driven a car in a foreign country?
• If yes, which side of the road did they drive on?
• Were the road signs different?
Are the drivers in your area where you live good drivers?
Do you know anything about repairing or maintaining a car?
• What do you know how to do?
• Where did you learn how to do this?
Do you enjoy repairing cars?
• What are some things you do to maintain your car?
Do you prefer driving or riding public transportation?
What kind of car do you prefer?
Do you like drive at night?
Do you think cars should be banned from city centers?
What side of the road do you drive in your country?
Is drunk driving a problem in your country?
What kind of laws does your country have about drunk driving?
What is the penalty for drunk driving in your country?
Have you ever been (or) do you know anyone who has been in an accident related to drunk driving?
Is jaywalking legal in your country?
Do people often jaywalk in your country?
Who taught you to drive?
How long did it take you to learn to drive?
What is the longest trip you have ever taken by car?
Have you ever broken down and been stranded on the side of the road?
• Who helped you?
How do American drivers compare to drivers in your country?
What are the speed limits in your country?
On what occasions do you honk your car horn?
Is it acceptable to honk in your country
Are men better drivers than women?
Are women better drivers than men?
At what age can you get a licence in your country?
Do you think the age for driving should be raised or lowered?
Do you think driving lessons should be provided by high schools?
Should new drivers have a period of accompanied driving?
• Or some kind of trial period?
Do you have a GPS (Global Position System)?
• What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a GPS?
Does the type of car a person drives tell us about the person who drives it?
What can we tell or imagine about a person by looking at the car they drive?
What are the laws about seat belts in your country?
• How are they different to this country?
Is your car air conditioned?
• What are the advantages and disadvantages of air conditioning?
Do you have a GPS?
• If yes, when do you use it? If no, would you like one? Why or why not?
What is the price of gasoline in your country?
• Is it cheaper or more expensive than in this country?
Do you allow passengers to eat inside your car?
What are the advantages/disadvantages of buying a second-hand car?
Do you wash your car yourself or do you have it washed?
Do you think that there is a relation between global warming and cars?
Have you ever seen a “hybrid” car?
What do you know about “hybrid” cars?
Do you really think that car manufacturers are interested in global warming?
How often do you need to get your car repaired?
On what occasions do you honk your car horn?
• Is it acceptable to honk in your country?
Do you like to drive or be driven?
Have you ever bribed a policeman in your country after he pulled you over?
Is it common for traffic cops to accept bribes?
How are the traffic laws in your country?
• Are they strict or lax?
Do most people follow the rules of the road?
Is it easy to find parking?
Is parking expensive?
What should be done in order to prevent traffic congestion in your city?
Is there any kind of rules to avoid traffic congestions?
How do you feel about spending time in your car during rush hour?
Is car theft a big problem in your country?
Have you had your car stolen?
Have you had your radio stolen?
Is road side assistance common in your country?
Can you change a flat tire?
Do you know anything about fixing a car?
Who taught you to drive?
• Was it pleasant or unpleasant?
Have you ever broken down and been stuck on the side of the road?
• Who helped you?
What do you think of international car-free days?
Can you recall any memorable car drive in your life?
What are the most frequent driving offenses?
What factors are responsible for railway crossing accidents?
According to insurance statistics women are better driver than men.
• Do you agree?
What do you think of car pooling?

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