• Could I ask you some questions about your business?
• When did you start your business?
• Are you only a service provider?
• Do you have any service expansion plan?
• Do you have international presence?
• Do you think recession is affecting your business?
• What is the strength of your employees?
• Do you have any challenge in manpower retention?
• Who is taking care of your human resources department?
• What is so special about your business?
• How do you motivate your employees?
• Do you provide transport facility to employees?
• Do you have any play ground / gym in your company?
• Do you take of everything personally?
• Do you have any program like employee of the month or employee of the year?
• How many branches do you have in overseas?
• What one quality in your people really affect your business?
• Will you give any special benefit to your employees?
• How often do you travel abroad?
• Do you really believe in innovation?
• Where from do you get inspiration for growth?
• Do you think every company should prepare budget for income and expenses?
• What is the governing principal of your business?
• Do you take any assistance for technology improvement?
• Do you think technology is must to grow your business?
• Do you invite outside consultants to train your people?
• What do you feel about growth of your company?
• Do you want to give any message to the people?
• What one thing can transform business to a higher level?

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Are you good at

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Have you ever

?…Have you ever

?...How do you

?…How do you

How long

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