• Are you interested in basketball?
• How many players are on a basketball team?
• What are the positions on a basketball team?
• How long is a basketball game?
• Who is your favorite basketball player?
• Why are basketball player usually tall?
• Can short people be good basketball players?
• Have you ever played basketball? How was it?
• Do you follow professional basketball?
• Have you ever been to a professional basketball game?
• Are there any basketball players from your country in the NBA?
• Describe the abilities that a good basketball player must have.
• What is needed to play basketball with your friends?
• What basketball teams do you follow? What is interesting about this team to you?
• What are the skills of your favorite basketball players?
• What is the difference between a basketball team and a basketball league?
• Who is number one star player now in the NBA? Do you like his style of playing? Why?
• Which parts of the body can players play the ball with?
• How many people can play in a game of basketball?
• When the ball goes out of bounds what happens?
• When the ball stuck between the ring and backboard, what happens?
• When a team scores a goal where is the ball placed for a restart?
• Which sports uses a court to play a game on?
• Which sports uses a field to play a game on?
• Who invented the indoor game which we call it basketball?
• In which years did James Naismith invent basketball?
• What nickname do Americans give to the ring of basketball?
• When the ball goes out of bounds, what should the referee do?
• When the violation occurs, what should a referee do?
• What is the height of the basket?
• Who was known as the greatest player in the world?
• In which city did the first basketball game play in 1891?

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