Listening sample task – Multiple choice (to be used with IELTS Listening Recording 2)


Questions 9 and 10

Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

9 Type of insurance chosen

A Economy

B Standard

C Premium

10 Customer wants goods delivered to

A port

B home

C depot

Tapescript for IELTS Listening Recording 2

(A customer has been arranging with a shipping agent to send a large box overseas. This is the last part of the conversation.)

A OK right. Now obviously insurance is an important thing to consider and our companies are able to offer very good rates in a number of different all-inclusive packages.

B Sorry, could you explain a bit more?

A Yes, sorry, um. There’s really three rates according to quality of insurance cover – there’s the highest comprehensive cover which is Premium rate, then there’s standard rate and then there’s economy rate. That one will only cover the cost of the contents second hand.

B Oh I’ve been stung before with economy insurance so I’ll go for the highest.

A Mh’hm and can I just check would you want home delivery or to a local depot or would you want to pick it up at the nearest port?

B The port’d be fine – I’ve got transport that end.

A Fine and will you be paying by credit card?

B Can I pay by cheque?


9 C

10 A

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