Listening sample task – Form completion (to be used with IELTS Listening Recording 1)


Questions 1 – 8

Complete the form below.


Tapescript for IELTS Listening Recording 1

You will hear a telephone conversation between a customer and an agent at a company which ships large boxes overseas.

A Good morning Packham’s Shipping Agents. Can I help you?

B Oh yes, I’m ringing to make enquiries about sending a large box, a container,back home to Kenya from the UK.

A Yes, of course. Would you like me to try and find some quotations for you?

B Yes, that’d be great. Thank you.

A Well first of all, I need a few details from you.

B Fine.

A Can I take your name?

B It’s Jacob Mkere.

A Can you spell your surname, please?

B Yes, it’s M-K-E-R-E.

A Is that ‘M’ for mother?

B Yes.

A Thank you, and you say that you will be sending the box to Kenya?

B That’s right.

A And where would you like the box picked up from?

B From college, if possible.

A Yes, of course. I’ll take down the address now.

B It’s Westall College.

A Is that W-E-S-T-A-L-L?

B Yes, … college.

A Westall College. And where’s that?

B It’s Downlands Road, in Bristol.

A Oh yes, I know it. And the postcode?

B It’s BS8 9PU.

A Right … and I need to know the size.

B Yes, I’ve measured it carefully and it’s 1.5m long …

A Right.

B 0.75m wide …


B And it’s 0.5m high or deep.

A Great. So I’ll calculate the volume in a moment and get some quotes for that. But first can you tell me, you know, very generally, what will be in the box?

B Yes there’s mostly clothes.

A OK. [writing down]

B And there’s some books.

A OK. Good. Um … Anything else?

B Yes, there’s also some toys.

A OK and what is the total value, do you think, of the contents?

B Well the main costs are the clothes and the books – they’ll be about £1500 but then the toys are about another two hundred – so I’d put down £1700


1 Mkere

2 Westall

3 BS8 9PU

4 0.75 m/metre(s)/meter(s) (wide) / three(-)quarter(s) (of) (a) metre/meter (wide) / ¾ m (wide) / 75 cm(s) (wide)

5 0.5 m/metre(s)/meter(s) (high/deep) / (a) half (a) metre/meter (high/deep) / ½ m (high/deep) / 50 cm(s) (high/deep)

6 & 7 in either order

(some) books (some) toys

8 1,700

Words in brackets are optional – they are correct, but not necessary. Alternative answers are separated by a slash (/).

5/5 - (1 امتیاز)

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